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[icon] whoa - smilexemoxkids
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Current Music:"expo '86" DeathCabForCutie
Time:10:07 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent

Age: 16
Location: Delmar, NY
Favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor: Chunky Monkey man!
Favorite color: pink (w.grey or black or light green)
You're walking down the street at 3 in the morning, you idiot. suddenly, a guy with a knife jumps out of an alley and demands you give him your money. What do you do?: Well, if he has a friggen knife theres not much i could do but give him my money. So as much as that would suck, im thinking i would just give him my money..i dont carry much around anyway.
Favorite shape of pasta: spiral mmm
Favorite 90's boy band: Im gonna have to say LFO as embarrassing as that is...
What language do you/did you take in school?: spanish...
Why do you want to be here?: because i love emo kids. and i am the pessimistic type myself and i think it awesome that there is a community dedicated to emo!
Which Brady Bunch character do you relate yourself to?: Jan, i never get attention..sad i know...i have 2 younger siblings and the attention is all to them!
If I gave you a dollar, how would you spend it?: hmm..gum i guess. im like addicted to it and theres not much more you could buy with a dollar.

Post at least 3 clear pictures of your face: (PLEASE cut these. Please?)

Post a picture of your favorite pair of shoes:

 LILU brand from PacSun! I <3 flip flops!
Ok, you've gotta promote. Give us a link to show that you've promoted this community to someone: jorday

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[icon] whoa - smilexemoxkids
View:Recent Entries.