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smilexemoxkids's Journal

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This is another vain rating community (not that being vain is necessarily a bad thing). If you're pretty, you're in. Some people may be brutal. Don't join if you're not ready for it.

MOD (screw with me and suffer):

Ashley changing_gaze

(1) Must be 14 or older. Just because.
(2) Put your pictures behind an Lj-cut. It's just polite.
(3) When you apply, put "whoa" as the subject so we know you took the time to read our ramblings on here.
(4) If you're rejected, you can try again. Just change your stuff. If we say no the first time, you can bet it'll happen again with the same application/pictures.
(5) Voting will last 3 days. After that, if you have at least half yes votes, you're in and you'll get stamped. If not, see #4.

Favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor:
Favorite color:
You're walking down the street at 3 in the morning, you idiot. suddenly, a guy with a knife jumps out of an alley and demands you give him your money. What do you do?:
Favorite shape of pasta:
Favorite 90's boy band:
What language do you/did you take in school?:
Why do you want to be here?:
Which Brady Bunch character do you relate yourself to?:
If I gave you a dollar, how would you spend it?:
Post at least 3 clear pictures of your face: (PLEASE cut these. Please?)
Post a picture of your favorite pair of shoes:
Ok, you've gotta promote. Give us a link to show that you've promoted this community to someone: